"Customer service is not a department, it's everyone's job." ~ Ken Blanchard"

Why Us

Choose Someone You Can Count On!

Since 1984, Crescent Packing Corporation has been dedicated to serving our local community by providing the highest quality wholesale meat products and other provisions. With our expansive variety of products, from primal cuts to provisions like pickles or potato salad, we are sure to be able to accommodate all your needs. Butchers, restaurants and deli owners, are just among the few types of customers that we serve day in and day out, who trust us to provide not only superior products, but superior service as well.

  • Our hours accommodate you and your schedule
    • We accept orders for next day delivery up until 7pm
    • We deliver on Saturdays and are open for pickup until 8am
  • We use cutting edge technology
    • Our business operates using the most current, state of the art Food ERP Software, designed and customized specifically for our business, with you in mind. Our software providers keep our information secure, our business operations running efficiently, and thus making our customers happy.
  • Local Service since 1984
    • Proud to be serving Long Island, The 5 Bouroughs, New Jersey and Connecticut
  • Diverse Product Line
    • Fresh wholesale meats, provisions, custom cuts and frozen foods
    • Fresh wholesale beef, wholesale poultry, wholesale pork and more
    • Primals and Subprimals
    • Offal
  • Wholesale Lamb is our Specialty
    • Nobody competes.
    • We get the whole animal and cut it down to whatever you want
  • Bulk Orders
    • Have us cut or buy subprimals in bulk to cut yourself

"The goal as a company is to have customer service that is not just the best but legendary." ~ Sam Walton